Fly Fishing


Connecting to the gospel through fly fishing instruction 

This ministry sets the stage for growing in Gospel truths while learning about fly fishing. Beginners as well as seasoned sportsmen and women are invited. The group meets from mid-spring to late summer Saturdays for field trips and indoor sessions that follow specific themes. Open to men and women ages 12 and older. (12-17 year-olds need a parent or adult sponsor) 

FLy Fishing






February 27, March 27 and April 24 in Room 221. Beginners welcome - attend any or all classes.

Field Trips

Saturdays, May 22, June 19 and July 17. No experience needed. Loaner gear available upon request. Fish stories guaranteed! 

One or two of these field trips will actually be evening trips (2p - 11p) to catch the ‘Evening Hatch’.  It will depend on the weather forecast.  Please contact Marv Walworth at 503-320-2561, or Steve Pio at 503-476-7850 for more info.”


All locations subject to change and will be confirmed based on conditions. Contact Marv or Steve if you’re planning on attending:

June 19 - Trillium Lake 


Fly Fishing fellowship planning to  go to Trillium Lake on Saturday, June 19. You can meet us in the church parking lot at 7 AM to convoy or ride with us. Or you can coordinate to meet us up there. We aim to be back no later than 6 PM.


You would need a day license and a sack lunch. Loaner gear available. Standard athletic waiver required, teenager needs an adult signature there.


Feel free to attend even if you missed all the previous classes. Complete beginners welcome. We’d love to have you!


July 17- Trillium Lake 

Classroom Instruction - Saturdays, 9-10 am



Annual Campout 

 Saturday-Sunday, August 28-29. Meet at SWBIBLE at 7 am. Bring your own camping gear, food, and a fishing license. (Sunday breakfast will be provided.) Loaner gear available upon request. 

Location subject to change and based on conditions: 

Aug 28-29- Campout at Crooked River, Pale Evening Dun Hatch”

Contact: Marv Walworth 503.320.2561 or Steve Pio 503.476.7850